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"For a true traditional approach to blues and extraordinary guitar picking look no further than Adam Crowe. His recordings carry a certain magic to them as if they were made 40 years ago and are just being revealed to us now from a locked case of musical treasures.

Adam Crowe is a walking time machine taking you back to the core of blues with every track. When seen live his music and voice set a mood that is undeniable, he truly knows how to read a crowd and he plays for the listener not himself. Adam Crowe is a true blessing to music."

Adam Palumbo- CEO of Dulce Records LLC

"Adam Crowe believes in giving back to the Earth by sharing love and knowledge through music, art and words. He says "No one person or thing can save the world but music can help us save ourselves from the world."
Russian River Monthly

Customer Reviews of the album "Sundown"

by John rinpoc

This album is filled with colors, textures and psychedelic mojo!!!

Mellow and beautiful
by ocean7654
Lots of feeling, and gorgeous guitar solos that draw you into them. Makes me happy! This is how albums should be!"

A truly beautiful album that takes me to new and peaceful worlds every time I listen to it. This is not just a collection of songs but great album in the classic and truest sense. Thank you!

by Seth Sloan

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