Adam Crowe

Adam Crowe,Singer/Songwriter

Adam Crowe's new album "Sundown" is now available at most online stores including ITunes. Click here to order from ITunes "Sundown" album and tracks

The new album is a colorful blend of psychedelia, blues, folk, and fingerstyle. It incorporates many throwbacks to the past but has a clearly defined originality. Sundown's poetic lyrics, driving beats, and Hendrixy guitar tones meld with sweet acoustic pickin to create a sound all of its own.

Adam Crowe has written or co-written 7 albums of music.

His first album "Who Knows" is an instrumental album that paints vivid musical landscapes.
He them created 4 albums of music with Keith Batlin and that music is performed by Adam's band FreeSound.

Ordering albums:

FreeSound's albums, "Roots Is" and new rock album "Freesound" are available from Adam's albums "Roots Is"...and "Freesound Rock The cover art for the "Freesound" album by Dan Katra, whose mentor is the renown Stanley Mouse of the psychedelic 60's poster art fame.

The band's rock album "Freesound" is a blend of rock, funk, psychedelic rock, folk, blues, and soul and was mixed and mastered at Prairie Sun Studios, Cotati,North Bay San Francisco, the mix by the renown Oz Fritz. Oz's most recent studio projects include the Grammy Award winning Mule Variations by Tom Waits, Anti-Pop by Primus and Wicked Grin by John Hammond Jr. (produced by Tom Waits).


The "Gypsy Trails" album of electronic music can be purchased at Soundcloud, click here Sky Crow Music album

This album has tracks ideal for film and TV, such as "Temple of the Ancients", "Echoes of the Universe" and "Funk From Mars"


AND the additional albums "COSMIC SAILORS" and "MANGO MAN"(reggae) CD @ $9.99 plus shipping and handling of $2.25 total $ 12.24 by sending check or money order to the address below or call order to:

Earth Unity Music
c/o 115 D Maunalua Ave.
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